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“My name is Amanda. I am a lover of this program. Mind work plus fasting have been so powerful for me to break through a 6 year plateau. I am incredibly proud to say that I have currently lost 17lbs and going since starting my journey with Kandice in January. I have never felt so incredibly in control of my relationship with food.

My biggest aha moments have been around learning that I will eat to be “polite” in social situations, I will plant myself around the food in social gatherings, I eat to give myself something to do/calm myself and finally that I hold a strong value in not wasting food. I have been known to eat something just to prevent wasting it despite my goals. Kandice, helped me to recognize these things about my relationship with food that I was blind to. She has helped me to develop strategies to work through these hurdles that have been holding me back for so many years.”


My name is Rachel and I found Kandice through a mutual friend of ours. When I found Kandice I can say that I was not in a good place. I was depressed about my weight and overall outlook on life and I was at a point where I was no longer confident in my abilities to provide for my family, much less myself. 
Much like others who are struggling with their weight loss I tried every “quick fix” I could think of, weight watchers, keto, Isagenix, HCG, la weight loss, traditional working out and eating right,  and the list goes on and on. Although a lot of these programs did work for me they were never long term. Once I would almost reach my goal it’s almost like I automatically started to self sabotage.  
I ultimately gave up and admitted my fate, I gained almost 100 pounds in a 5 year span, I was literally eating my feelings. The more time went on the more I lost myself. When I found Kandice I was literally broken.  
Kandice has not only helped me with my outlook on food but also my outlook on life, this program is about so much more than just food and eating right. It’s about looking inside yourself and digging deep into the issues that cause your relationship with food. Mine stemmed from the age of 2!  
During this program, Kandice was able to bring me back in time to recall anything that may have caused this horrible relationship with food, let’s just say I literally had no self worth, I was so hard on myself calling myself names and putting myself down left right and centre. That ultimately food was my crutch to make me “feel better”  I never would have realized this if it wasn’t for this program. I had a lot of hurt inside, I took what people said about me and believed it, and ate it.  
Since the program, I have resolved my past issues that has not only changed my relationship with food but with my family as well, my partner has seen a totally different side of me and he loves it. I’m happier, more energetic and am able to focus on the things that really matter to me and have cut out the things that aren’t serving me, and that is not just food. 
I can happily say since I started the program I have released 30 pounds and I am still eating what I want with no restrictions. No, this is not a quick fix program and you should not look at it like one, this is a LIFE CHANGING PROGRAM!  
Thank you again Kandice, you changed my life for the better!”


“My name is Carole. I’m a busy person leading a very active lifestyle I’m a high achiever who takes on a lot in life with positive energy & great gusto!

Over the past few years, I’ve dealt with death and grief with the sudden loss of my mom followed by managing an ailing & demanding Mother in Law without knowing during this time I had been buffering emotions with food, and with it came unwanted weight gain and sugar cravings.

As a lover of travel and sunny vacations, during a vacation to Mexico, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror prior to dinner and I was horrified. I felt I looked like a beached whale!

I immediately reached out to someone I felt I could connect with and asked “what did you do that helped you?”. Tammy shared with me her weight boss for life experience, and I knew at that moment that my decision was already made to make a change that would affect not only my weight but my overall health and wellbeing. There is no price tag on the desire to be healthy and ready to enjoy the years ahead; I had failed with other programs such as weight watchers, learning that all programs were temporary fixes and left me feeling deprived.

I had already told myself that this was a mind over matter issue, and I needed help facing it head on. From day one Kandice helped me understand why the urges were there and how to deal with them; her program taught me to understand hunger and with it I gained a new gratitude and appreciation for food.

The scale became my best friend and I was excited to weigh myself each day as the pounds started to slip away and my clothes literally fell off my body. I gained a new mindset that blossomed, giving me a positive outlook, along with it came new phrases like “I’d prefer not right now”; food became a choice and I felt no deprivation as Kandice had guided me to make smart choices without denying myself anything in the process.

In the program she used strong words that anchored my success and helped me hold on to my goals; the most powerful word for me was the word “RELEASE”, she never used the word lose her choice of words left me feeling in control, with an agency to manage the urges and release unwanted weight. Her recordings impacted me, and I believe they were a huge contribution to the success of this program.

I’d recommend working with Kandice as she reinforces the Why Q’s which help you work through the beliefs that ultimately determine your results. She consistently reminds you what it is you want MOST. Her guidance helps you understand the emotions and feelings behind eating, and most of all the powerful effect of the primitive brain, which left me feeling empowered once I learned that I was in control.

Her support throughout helped me choose the thoughts I wanted to have to achieve my ultimate goals.

I had a very slow weight loss along with managing type two diabetes. The joy I felt as I achieved even the smallest goals fueled me on to achieve a total weight loss of 22 pounds. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result and after my follow up diabetes appointment, neither could my doctor.
I will be eternally grateful to Kandice for the gift of health and wellness that I gained from her program.”

Carole Parker

“I decided to work with Kandice Wirch of Weightboss for Life. She helped me understand the connection between my thoughts, habits and mindset and the weight I had put on. I realized I had many limiting beliefs that were holding me back from achieving the body I knew I deserved. No matter what diet or exercise program I attempted, nothing was working. Little did I know my mind was the factor sabotaging this process.  

Kandice empowered me with mindset skills, rewiring my thoughts with hypnosis recordings, reframing strategies and a plan of action that was achievable for me.  This strategy is fool proof meaning, even if I fall off the wagon for a day or multiple days, I have the tools to get back on the horse. She empowers her clients to control their weight independently while also providing a soft place to land and a gentle ear.  

This process has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I have not only lost 15 pounds but am able to show up in my life in a greater way! Invest in yourself and work with Kandice!” 



So much more than a weight loss solution. Working with Kandice at Weightboss for Life has given me the tools needed to get understand my relationship with food and have a more balanced approach. I did not expect the positive impact in all areas of my life. My weight is steadily decreasing without “trying”, relationships are better in every area but my favourite part is the inner critic voice is now quiet. I am free to think clearly, not react and love myself, as deserved. Thank you Kandice for helping me find me again.”


If you are tired of struggling with health and weight challenges, you may want to hire Kandice Wirch. Kandice has the kindest heart, an amazing way to connect with people, and is so incredibly gifted and talented! I highly recommend hiring her! You will be so glad you did!!!”


“When I am looking for someone to guide me in any endeavor, which in this case is my health and weight, I always look for the person that has the results I’m looking for and Kandice is an example of everything she teaches. She is one of the most inspiring, hard working, caring, supportive, knowledgeable woman I have ever had the honor of working with and learning from. You will be very happy with your results under Kandice’s guidance. Many blessings on your journey.”


Kandice’s hypnotherapy has been life-changing in terms of moving forward past the old tapes that we carry. It is the missing link! Her program is unique and different! It works!”


“Kandice’s program is very well thought out. The results she is getting has been nothing short of amazing. The comments I hear from others is super positive. Kandice’s energy (always be kind) is one in which we can all learn from. The program also helps change your mindset, your confidence and motivation. The only thing you have to lose is the weight you want to get rid of. Reach out to find out how this revolutionary system works.”


“I have struggled with my weight since my early 20’s but most especially since my 30’s. I have tried the common diets like Weightwatchers and South Beach Diet and the crazy ones like the Cabbage diet, none worked long term and I would put the weight back on and usually a few pounds more. The most I ever lost was 23 pounds with a mix of extremely healthy eating and lots of exercise, but then I put it back on.

I want to thank Kandice and her Weightboss program for changing that. This is the one program that addresses the underlying causes, the Why’s, the sabotages, the subconscious messages. Kandice reminds us that kindness to ourselves brings better results than beating ourselves up. The amazing mix of classes, coaching, recordings and hypnosis all aid in keeping on track and give lifelong tools to sustain the weight loss and a healthy relationship with food and our body.

Over the time I have been on the program I have lost 45 pounds, reversed diabetes and I can now walk an hour with no pain, whereas previously, I could only walk about 15 to 20 minutes and that was with pain in my ankles, knees, hips and back. I feel like I have got my life back. I am continuing to lose weight since the official program finished and will reach my goal weight withing the next few months. The ongoing coaching is such a blessing in ensuring this. I am 67 years old so I can say it is never too late to do this.

I would highly recommend Kandice and the Weightboss program to anyone who wants to lose weight, keep it off and feel better.


“My excitement levels after doing Weightboss for 1 week are high and I have one sentence ❤️ It’s been EASY, and I have eaten all the things I’ve wanted too!!
More important: I am rebuilding my relationship with food xo so blessed to have incredible clients that turn into friends xo every single person we meet is put into our journey for such a big reason if we pay attention xo ❤️”


“I love how I can really eat anything I want. Just some minor adjustments to compensate and I’m good. You gave me my magic key! Thank you so much for showing me the way!”


“My weight loss has been an inner growth journey and I didn’t expect it to influence so many areas of my life. My self-confidence and mindset have impacted how I show up in both my personal life and in my business. Thanks to Kandice Wirch, and the Weightboss for Life program, I am 30 pounds lighter then I was 4 months ago and I am not done yet. I will never diet again! I feel empowered in my relationship with food and myself.”


“I have been overweight for most of my life, starting my first diet with Weight Watchers when I was 10. Since then I’ve been on all the fad diets that have been popular and even some crazy ones that as I look back I wonder what I was thinking. I was never able to lose all the weight I wanted and what I did lose inevitably came right back (plus more) as soon as I went off the diet.

Weightboss is not a diet program but a lifestyle. The program coaches a different way of looking at food and definitely a different way of thinking.

I honestly had given up and thought that I was one of those people that can never lose the weight. I have been on the journey for some time. I don’t feel like I am white knuckling a diet, feeling deprived or tormented with shame with Weightboss. It is a program that provides insightful information and coaching that meets my individual needs. I feel that losing the rest of my weight is doable and I definitely have a different mindset that will enable me to reach my goals.

I would highly recommend Weightboss for Life as a program that will aid you in achieving your weight loss goals effectively and permanently.”

Rose-Ann Normandeau

“Working with Kandice helped me shift my limiting beliefs that were creating roadblocks to reaching my goals. Her coaching and hypnotherapy, combined, helped me to become more aware of my thoughts and how I can change them. I was able to break past old fears and get clear about my personal and professional goals.”


“Following Kandice Wirch and her Weightboss method of combining hypnotherapy and weekly coaching is a powerful choice when you are seriously ready to drop the weight. 

Kandice- your support and wisdom is greatly appreciated. Working with you has made my weight loss journey exceptionally smooth, educational, and empowering. I now have tools that I can incorporate into my life forever. I also know I have my weight under control for the first time in 20 years and am on the path that works – as the weight number continues to go down. That’s an amazing feeling! Thank you!!”


I have spent decades exploring weight loss programs, benefitting from them all to some degree, and never fully achieving the lasting results I wanted. I have been a part of Weight Watchers, TOPS, and Health Queens Plus. I have engaged with the South Beach Diet, Atkins diet, and the Master Cleanser plan among other misc fad diets.  

Weightboss for Life has helped me to achieve and maintain a total weight release that I have not experienced in over 40 years. The incredible multiplicity of education, cognitive and behavioural strategies, clinical hypnosis, intermittent fasting, personal coaching, and accountability of the Weightboss Program have filled in all the gaps that other programs did not.  

I released 35 pounds within a 3 1/2 month period and, although I have an occasional fluctuation of a couple pounds because of the conscious decisions of have made, I now believe that I have the tools I need to maintain that loss long term.  

I highly recommend the Weightboss for Life program and appreciate Kandice Wirch‘s dedication to her clients as we continue to work the program. I always say I can’t unlearn what I now know.”



Reached My Goal Weight!!! 

A HUGE Thank You goes to Kandice of “Weightloss for Life”! With her help and awesome Guidance, I am a “Weightboss”. 

Finding a couple of medical issues and of course my awful eating habit, her program was a saving grace. So in the last 6 months with Kandice’s direction regarding eating habits, fasting, sleep patterns, and exercise, I have straightened out my life.  

My health is near perfect and I am proud of my achievements. My journey is on going but with the tools I’ve learnt, my new drive, self esteem and knowledge, all seems much more realistic.”


“I am down 11 pounds and in a size 10 for the first time in 14 years, Thank you Weightboss for life.

When I turned sixty I decided that it was time for me to start looking at what was going on with me, my weight and my health. I was not in a good place, I did not like how I looked, and felt. My confidence had completely slipped away. I was stuck. Working with Kandice was my birthday present to myself. I had tried to lose weight on my own, it never seemed to work, and I just end up gaining it back or even gaining more weight. I felt like my body was different then everyone else’s, I felt like something was wrong with me. Kandice helped me understand the relationship between my diet, my hormones, my emotions, my thoughts, and how all this translates into results. She gave me the tools, skills and insight to change my habits now and in the future. The hypnotherapy really helped to relax into the process and break through old patterns of thinking that were not helping me. The hypnotherapy, coaching and information helped me gain control of the amount of food I was eating and helped me learn about myself and my body. I now trust myself, to make the necessary decision that keep me in control of my health, my weight and my future. I have a eating plan that works for me. That I have a long-term plan is even more important. I now know how to work with my body and not fight my body. I have lost 30 pounds over the past 6 months and I know it will not find its way back to me. I am in control. I look and feel better than I have in years.”


“Hi I am Cheryl, a 72 year old retired nurse who has struggled with the weight yoyo since te 1990’s. I have tried a lot of the weight loss systems out there – weight watchers, Atkins, low carb, juicing. All of them worked for a bit, but then the weight would come back. 

I’ve had aha moments over the years where I either realized I weighed the same as my husband who is taller than me or I would catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror or a picture and realize my weight was up again. The most recent was January 2020 before when I looked in the mirror and saw my overweight mother looking out at me. I was not happy with the way I looked. 

When I came back to Canada in March and saw my friend Aleitha I was amazed. She looked fantastic and thin. She told me about Kandice and the Weightboss for Life Program. I decided to try it. Somewhere in my 72 year old brain I knew some of the information that Kandice presented, but obviously, I did not know how to apply it to my weight release journey. The most enlightening for me was the part about limiting beliefs and how you can use your thoughts and feelings, past and present to design a framework for change. I had, in my head, that at 72 I shouldn’t be worried about what I weighed since I was healthy and active. However, I still didn’t like the way I looked so I wasn’t happy with what I weighed. 

I started the program on May 6, 2020 and 5 1/2 months later I am 23 pounds lighter with 2 pounds left to reach my goal. I am happy with the way I look and gladly accept the compliments from family and friends about how great I look. 

Over this journey I have learned a lot about myself and how I misuse food to solve issues that arise in my life. Rather than beating myself up when I overeat and/or my weight goes up, I now know what to do to get back on track and can do it in a day. 

I would highly recommend Kandice and Weightboss for Life to anyone who is struggling with weight control. Kandice is knowledgeable and very supportive and the program she presents is easy to start and continue.”


“I realize that dietitians today are still stuck in the old, inaccurate paradigm of eating, nutrition, weight management, etc., like you said.  The manufactured food lobbyists certainly have a lot of clout with the healthcare system and every type of advertising media. I guess that is why it is so important to take back our power and educate ourselves on all things to do with our health. It is disheartening that all my appointments with a dietitian and the Craving Change course I took through the CFPCN taught me mostly nothing useful which is probably why I never went back over the material to refresh my memory on the tactics I was advised to implement – deep down, I guess, knew there was nothing that would genuinely help.

All of this attests to the fact that due diligence is crucial to staying on top of things. I spent several years in university, so many that I began to call myself a professional student! I have always loved learning and said many times that I would love to go back to school; actually, I am back in school: I have taken many courses over the past few years, and am currently enrolled in a few — so, I am the perpetual, and grateful to be. I would hate to live by default like many people, and take whatever is seen or heard on TV, from the doctor or wherever, as truth.  I can’t help but always question things; this has taken me a long way in life!

I am eternally grateful what you have given me, through this program. One of these days I would like to speak with you, to let you know about the massive transformations I’ve had and continue to undergo; I thought I was broken or something and that I would never be able to manage my weight successfully – you have given me a new lease on life, truly! Grateful for that fateful day I joined your masterclass.”


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.  These are not my words, they’re Einstein’s.  So, solving any problem requires changes that start with changing our concepts, our mindset, and associated emotional components that are consciously or unconsciously driving the decisions and choices we make. These days we are bombarded with hype like new diets, new toolsets, new skillsets, etc. However, none of these will ever work for our benefit without changing our MINDSET.

This is where any change starts and it applies to every aspect of our personal, family, work, and social life. I always intuitively knew that all our actions have an emotional component which includes the food choices we make, when we eat, what we eat, how much we eat, etc. I have extensively read scientific studies on losing weight and watched many TED talks including YouTube videos.  My challenge was not losing weight but to keep it off without always having a box around me reminding me you can’t eat this or that, you can’t do this or that.  Tha’s what all diets and hypes do to us. It actually sets us up for instant gratification and failure while failing to address the underlying causes that are dictating our choices and our behavior. With these diets and programs, I always felt restricted and limited, and eventually, they blew up in my face.

With my journey with Kandice’s Weightboss program under her skillful coaching, she brought synergistic value by creating a framework that combines evidence-based studies for weight loss and clinical psychology with an approach so you don’t feel like you are trying anything too hard. I finally embarked on a lifelong journey, not a short-term gain, of wholesome health, feeling how I was meant to feel, and being freed from all so-called diets with their restrictions, etc.

Kandice is kind, compassionate, caring, and highly skilled at what she does due to her understanding of clinical human psychology and multi-disciplinary training compounded with years of experience. Through this program, I am learning how to be in tune with my body, mind, and emotion to sense and identify real hunger from emotional hunger and turn my body into a vibrant fat-burning machine.

Kandice, you have been such an awesome coach, counselor, mentor, trusted advisor, and first and foremost a friend to our family and to me!”


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