The Weightboss for Life Program

Weightboss for Life incorporates the best practice principles for weight release and uses a wraparound process of empowering you with information that addresses the mind-body connection. We provide proven practical tools and strategies to change habits that impact results. This is a habit change program. Not a prescriptive nutritional program. We help you discover a healthy way of eating that works for you and your family. You learn how to balance desire and weight release goals so that sabotage becomes a thing of the past. At Weightboss for Life we use hypnotherapy as a tool to support your weight loss journey. Studies have shown that those who use hypnotherapy to support weight release have 30% great results then those who use “diet” alone. We aim to arm you with all the tools, strategies and support to create the results you desire.

At Weightboss for life you will learn tools and strategies that go beyond an eating plan, supplement or quick fix solutions. You will learn skills and strategies to support lasting habit change.

How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • If you are concerned about your weight, your health
  • If you want to learn, understand and create a lifelong peaceful relationship with food
  • If you are tired of thinking about food, your weight and health
  • If you crave an empowered relationship with yourself and food
  • You want to stop feeling the deprivation related to “dieting”
  • You want to learn how to maintain and manage your weight for life long health
  • If you want to learn how to be in control of your relationship with food, your weight and your health

“The key to habit change is developing strategies to create new habits, having the tools to deal with the challenges of change and the awareness to know how to keep our self-focused on our long-term goal of a healthy vibrant life. We do not need another eating plan. We need to develop our own eating philosophy, one that the feeds our body, our families and our life”.


It is time to transform your life and Weightboss is here to give you the education, tools, and skills needed to change your relationship with yourself and food.

This 12 week core program includes:

  • education, insight, awareness, habit change, along with the support, coaching and accountability (which will explode your weight release journey)
  • Medical consultation and assessment as indicated
  • 10 Coaching Educational Sessions 
  • 3 Private Coaching Session
  • 6 Hypnosis recording for sustained motivation and habit change
  • Self-hypnosis skills
  • Access to your own Certified weight release coach
  • Access to the Weightboss for Life community of support
  • Further accountability and coaching is offered for sustained motivation and habit change.
  • Practical tools and resources that tap into the power of neuroplasticity, helping you change your mind to change your weight.

If you are ready to never diet again and develop a peaceful relationship with yourself and food this is the program for you.
If the story of your weight is no longer the story you want to carry with you this program is for you.
Imagine the freedom when your weight no longer occupies your mind.

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Components of Weightboss for Life

Holistic Integrative Nutrition

Weightboss for life offers a holistic nutritional perspective that focuses on bio-individuality. Having studied over 100 different dietary theories the most common thread is the importance of high-quality, nutrient- dense food. It is the nutritional choices we make that impacts us more than a specific dietary theory. In the Weightboss for life program you will learn the to listen to your body and understand which foods best nourish, not just your physical health but what practices and behaviors best nourish your mental health. You will gain insight into your patterns and behavioral choices that influence your weight and well-being. Helping you break through the nutritional noise and integrate sound nutritional practice and understanding that will change your habits and carvings related to food. You will learn about cravings, fats, sugars, and how food choices affect our health and wellbeing. You will discover a way of eating the works for you and is your foundation of health.

Health and Wellness

As health professionals, Weightboss for life works in partnership with your health care team to support you in reaching your health and wellness goals. We support you to understand and integrate best health practices in to your life. We provide you with current information on the pillars of good health; sleep, nutrition, exercise and mental health, so that you can powerfully take charge of your health and influence your vitality.


Hypnotherapy is a key component to the weightboss for life program. It is interwoven throughout to program. Hypnotherapy will allow you to achieve results through addressing limiting beliefs about yourself, your life, your body and your relationship with your weight.
Hypnotherapy is a totally safe, natural phenomenon. It is simply a form of very deep mental relaxation undertaken with specific intention. We know that the conscious mind has the will and the unconscious mind has the power. At Weightboss for Life you learn to tap into the power and reach your goals.
In addition, the Weightboss for Life program has embeds the highly successful and globally recognised Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy protocol. Feedback shows that this protocol is like ‘flicking a switch in the brain’, turning off cravings and eating only until satisfied. Weightboss for Life uses hypnosis as a tool of habit change. We work with you to uncover the story of your weight.
Weight release is not just what you eat, it is when you eat and why you eat.

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