Learn tools and strategies that goes beyond an eating plan, supplement or quick fix solutions. Learn the skills and strategies that support lasting habit change.

Kandice Wirch

"The key to habit change is developing strategies to create new habits, having the tools to deal with the challenges of change and the awareness to know how to keep our self-focused on our long term goal of a healthy vibrant life. We do not need another eating plan. We need to develop our own eating philosophy, one that the feeds our body, our families and our life".

The Weightboss for Life program includes

3 full days of powerful insightful,education and habit change.
​It’s time to transform your life, and Weightboss is here to give you the education, tools and kick start you need in order to succeed.
Our program includes three integrated professional protocols:

Holistic Integrative Nutrition
Health and Wellness
Clinical Hypnotherapy

2x private clinical hypnotherapy sessions, in additions to the group Clinical hypnotherapy sessions. The private sessions will enable you to continue habit change and will address personal and individual needs.
The Weightboss for Life Program has integrated a proven weight loss hypnotherapy protocol, which also includes hypnotherapy audio tapes for additional tools of change.

4 powerful, life changing, health and weight loss group zoom coaching calls with an expert weight loss coach.
Practical tools and resources that tap into the power of neuroplasticity, helping you change your mind while you change your weight.
Private Facebook group with a community of support.

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